How to Choose A Small Water Fountain Suitable for a Villa Courtyard?

Marble fountains have gained immense popularity as exquisite additions that elevate the aesthetics of homes. More and more people prefer to buy one fountain for their yard. This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide to help you choose the best fountain for your needs.

First of all, any materials of the fountain is a landscape sculpture that combines practicality and ornamental features. It helps blur the boundary between the human landscape and the natural scene. Any courtyard, if you add a well-designed fountain, will add a different brilliance to the whole environment.

Choose A Small Fountain Suitable for A Villa Courtyard

Different designs of water fountains for yard

How to Choose The Right Fountain for Your Courtyard?

Generally speaking, the style of the fountain should match the style of your entire courtyard. For example, if your courtyard is in a European style, a fountain with ornate decorations and fine carvings may be more suitable, such as the multi-tiered marble fountain. In contrast, a modern minimalist courtyard may be ideal for a fountain design with simple lines and abstract shapes, such as the abstract stainless steel fountain.

How to Choose The Right Fountain for Your Courtyard

How to Choose The Size?

The size of the water fountain should be selected according to the actual size of your courtyard. You need first to measure the size reserved for the fountain at the location where you want to place it. you could also contact YouFine sculpture specialist for any assistance.

How to Choose The Fountain Materials?

#1 Marble Fountain:

Marble is a natural stone with a relatively high hardness and is not easy to wear. It has a natural and smooth surface with an elegant sense of time. It is very suitable for small courtyard fountains. First, marble fountains are more decorative and look more beautiful and elegant; second, small marble fountains are relatively cheap and more cost-effective; third, small marble fountains can be matched with various landscape tones to create a nearly perfect decorative effect.

marble fountains for courtyard

Marble Fountains for Courtyard

#2 Bronze Fountain

Bronze is a very durable metal that can withstand the test of wind, rain, and time without rusting or corroding. Bronze has a natural metallic luster and will develop a unique patina over time, adding to its historical and artistic value. Small bronze fountains are relatively simple to maintain, requiring only regular cleaning and occasional polishing to maintain their appearance and functionality.

The small bronze fountain is very exquisite. You can customize the fountain with characters or animals. This kind of fountain has a unique design and is very beautiful for placing in the courtyard.

bronze fountain for A Villa Courtyard

Bronze fountain for A Villa Courtyard

#3 Stainless Steel Fountain

This kind of fountains are usually made in the 304/316 stainless steel. These materials have high hardness, strong oxidation resistance, and corrosion resistance. They can be well preserved in complex outdoor environments. The surfaces are smooth, which is not only easy to clean, but also has relatively low maintenance costs. Their simple lines and abstract shapes are very unique and beautiful, making them good decorations. What needs attention is regular color fixing and cleaning.

Stainless Steel Fountain for A Villa Courtyard

Stainless Steel Fountain for the courtyard

How to Install and Maintain The Fountain?

The installation of a small fountain didn’t need many precautions like a large fountain. Generally, there will be an installation drawing, and you need to patiently and carefully follow the steps on the drawing to install it. You could learn with detailed steps buy this blog: How to Install a Simple Marble 3 Tiered Fountain?

Fountains are prone to moss if they are in a humid environment for a long time. You need to pay attention to regular cleaning and maintenance. There is a comprehensive article talking about how to maintain the fountain for you to take as a reference.

How to Fix The Marble Fountain’s Cracks?

When you receive the product, if you find that there is a small part of the damage, please take it easy. Because the transportation distance is too far and the transportation time is too long, sometimes the fountain is inevitably damaged. Please contact with sales or after-sales team for assistance. If there is a slight leak during use, you can check the leak spot and fill it with flex glue to prevent leakage. If the damage is serious, you can find a local professional to repair it.

Other Notices:

#1 About The Water Pump:

The operation of the fountain water flow depends on the water pump. Small courtyard fountains usually use submersible pumps, which are installed underwater and well concealed. This type of water pump is easy to install and operate. It runs silently and does not affect the tranquility of the environment, and it can effectively circulate water and keep water clean.

water pump for marble fountain

However, this type of water pump needs to be taken out regularly for maintenance and cleaning. After long-term use, the cables and seals may age and you need to change them.

Placing Suggestion:

Traditionally, we should avoid placing the fountain facing the front door. They are better placed in auspicious directions such as east or southeast, symbolizing wealth and health.

Services Provided by YouFine

1. YouFine is a reliable fountain supplier. We have been engaged in this industry since 1983. We have professional carving artists, and each of them has at least 20 years of carving experience. We can provide you with the finest quality of fountain for you.

2. We also have independent designers to provide personal customized services for you. As a highly ornamental garden decoration, the fountain is the most artistic work that can highlight the owner’s taste and style. At YouFine, you are totally free to talk to us about your design ideas to make a unique marble fountain.

3. If you don’t know how to install the fountain, we have a professional installation team. We can help you complete the installation work. Or you can look at our installation drawings and introduction video.

Choose A Small Fountain Suitable for A Villa Courtyard

Popular Marble horse fountain for sale from YouFine

marble tiered fountain for courtyard

Popular marble tiered fountain for courtyard

This kind of marble tiered fountain features two or three tiers. They are very simple but have great ornament function. They also accept customization.

If you still have some other questions about choosing fountains, please feel free to contact us. We also hope that more people can join our discussion to help everyone choose the most suitable fountain.

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