YouFine prides itself on being one of the leading outdoor bronze mermaid fountain manufacturers in China that offers a vast catalog of outdoor bronze fountains to choose from. From bronze swimming pool mermaid fountains to large landscape mermaid fountains, we can provide the fountain solution that meets your needs.

Bronze Mermaid Fountain

Bronze Mermaid Holding a Shell Fountain

This exquisite mermaid fountain is a stunning example of craftsmanship, meticulously sculpted and cast in durable bronze. With intricate details and graceful curves, the mermaid emerges from the base, her flowing hair and delicate features brought to life with expert artistry.

Bronze Mermaid Fountain

Bronze Mermaid Fountain

This beautiful bronze mermaid fountain creates an alluring focal point in the center of a decorative yard or garden pool. Stunning artistic detail was used to create this gorgeous creature, half woman and half fish. The Granite pool is sold separately.

Bronze Mermaid Fountain

Bronze Mermaid Pool Fountain

Bronze Mermaid Fountain sculpted from high-quality bronze. With a stunning baked enamel finish, this eye-popping fountain feature will surely impress all onlookers. Ask our fountain experts how to incorporate it into your property today.

Bronze Mermaid Fountain

Bronze Mermaid Water Fountain

Bronze Sea Maiden. Contains museum quality details and finishes. Includes details of shells, pearls, turtles and seaweed that were worked into the elaborate coral reef below!

Bronze Mermaid Fountain

Bronze Mermaid with Sea Turtles Fountain

The Bronze Mermaid with Sea Turtles Fountain features an enchanting design that captures the mesmerizing beauty of the underwater world. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this stunning sculpture depicts a graceful mermaid surrounded by sea turtles, evoking a sense of tranquility and wonder.

Bronze Mermaid Fountain

Bronze Mermaid Fountain

Majestic and alluring, this gorgeous bronze fountain depicts a beautiful mermaid and swimming sea turtles. With incredibly realistic detail, she gracefully raises her arm to pour water from a sea shell. A fine piece to decorate your yard or pool.

Bronze Mermaid Fountain

Bronze Mermaid Fountain

This bronze mermaid fountain is cast in a lovely patina of bronze and features the mermaid leaning back. A beautiful depiction of this incredibly realistic creature. This fountain is the perfect centerpiece.

Bronze Mermaid Fountain

Two Mermaids and Lily Pads Fountain

The Two Mermaids and Lily Pads Fountain stands as a majestic centerpiece, standing at an impressive height of 92 inches. Crafted with unparalleled artistry, this fountain captures the ethereal beauty of two graceful mermaids amidst a serene aquatic scene adorned with delicate lily pads.

Bronze Mermaid Fountain

Mermaid with Jumping Dolphins

The Mermaid and Dolphins Fountain is a timeless masterpiece that captures the elegance of the mythical sea creatures in stunning detail. At the heart of the fountain stands a classic bronze mermaid, her graceful form sculpted with meticulous artistry.

bronze mermaid fountain feedback
Custom Made Service

Outdoor Bronze Mermaid Fountains Customized to Your Projects

Your building, your design. That’s why we give you complete flexibility regarding the outdoor fountains supplies you need. Whether it’s changing the size, style, color, or setting, tell us about it, and we’ll do our best to deliver it for you.

Professional Craftsmanship and Vivid Details

Realistic Clay Model:

All bronze statue need to make one 1:1 model, it’s the necessary step. Our leading clay model artists can accurately produce a 1:1 clay model based on the reference drawings or existing sculptures provided by the customer. This ensures that the form and details required by the customer can be accurately restored during the casting process, allowing the final bronze fountain to achieve the highest degree of simulation and satisfaction.

bronze water fountain clay mould
Bronze Mermaid Fountain patina

Professional Patina Coloring:

Our professional patina coloring technique involves expert application of chemical solutions and meticulous handcrafting to achieve desired colors and textures on bronze sculptures. Through careful control of chemical reactions and precise manual techniques, we create unique and durable finishes that enhance the aesthetic appeal and longevity of each artwork.

More Bronze Mermaid Fountains

Request an Instant Quote for Your Bronze Mermaid Fountain Projects Today. Get an instant quote or let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll get back to you soon!

Recent Bronze Mermaid Fountain Projects

Bronze Mermaid Fountain

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Bronze Mermaid Fountain

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Bronze Mermaid Fountain

Large Cast Mermaid with Dolphin Sculpture

Bronze Mermaid Fountain

Bronze Life Size Mermaid with Dolphin

Bronze Mermaid Fountain

Bronze Swimming Pool Mermaid Statue

Bronze Mermaid Fountain

Mermaid and Lily Pads Fountain

Sitting Mermaid Statue Water Fountain

Bronze Mermaid Fountain

Bronze Mermaid Fountain

Bronze Mermaid Fountains


Yes, YouFine offers customization options for design, size, and color to meet your specific requirements.YouFine offers customization options

Our bronze fountains are crafted using high-quality bronze and traditional lost-wax casting techniques.

We will offer detailed instructions and can recommend local professionals. We could also dispatch workers to your location to help installation.

Each fountain undergoes a rigorous quality control process, including detailed inspections and customer feedback.

It would take 60-70 days in total including 20-25 days to your countries, 20-25 days to your city, and extra few days to your home.

Yes, we offer a warranty on all our bronze fountains. Please contact us for specific warranty details.

We provide comprehensive care instructions to help you maintain the beauty and functionality of your bronze fountain.

To place an order, you can contact us through our website, provide your design specifications, and we will guide you through the customization and payment process.

Are you still looking for your dream bronze fountain and want to find a reliable and satisfactory bronze fountain factory supplier? YouFine is your best choice!

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