Marble Sphere Fountain

Crafted by skilled artisans from high-quality, pure natural marble, our marble sphere boast exquisite textures and colors, elevating indoor and outdoor decor with an air of elegance and luxury. Rooted in tradition, these water spinning balls are believed to ward off malevolent spirits, safeguarding homes and offices by dispelling negative energy and preserving tranquility and safety.

NOTE: To protect our copyrights, there are many designs on this site that we cannot replace. Welcome to contact us for the complete catalogue.

More Marble Sphere Fountains

Beyond their protective qualities, our marble sphere fountain serve to harmonize indoor and outdoor spaces, facilitating the flow of positive energy and fostering a sense of balance and harmony. At YouFine, we take pride in delivering marble water ball fountains of unparalleled quality, ensuring seamless rotation and enduring performance, thus enriching your environment with enduring beauty and serenity.

Black Marble Sphere Fountain with world map

Hot-selling Black Marble Sphere Fountain with World Map MOK1-061

This marble water ball fountain displays a simple and elegant design aesthetic. In terms of materials, the entire piece is made of high-grade black marble, which has a hard and lustrous texture, giving the fountain a timeless and steady feel. The spherical part is made of polished pure natural black marble, reflecting flowing water patterns, reminiscent of the image of the earth. In terms of decoration, this minimalist fountain design can be perfectly integrated into various indoor and outdoor environments, adding a touch of vitality and movement to the space. Along with the moving scenery of rolling water, it creates a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere.

Hand Carved Marble Sphere Fountain

Outdoor Marble Sphere Fountain with Lotus Base MOKK-88

This marble sphere fountain has been polished to give a smooth texture. It mimics the shape of a blooming lotus, with a giant sphere in the center representing the lotus pod. This lotus pond-themed sculpture is rich in oriental style and can add a beautiful visual color to the outdoor environment. There are circular pools arranged around it, creating a quiet and solemn atmosphere. The pool reflects the image of the sculpture, which has ornamental and purifying effects.

Garden Marble Water Ball Fountain

Garden Marble Water Ball Fountain for Sale MFO-002

This marble sphere fountain has a graceful shape and fine surface texture, reflecting excellent hand-carving skills. Such a beautiful layered fountain undoubtedly adds rich artistic flavor and ornamental value to the garden environment. The water is rolling down slowly from all around the top, accompanied by the moving sound of trickling water. The surrounding green vegetation and fountains complement each other, creating a vibrant, quiet and comfortable atmosphere.

Hand Carved Marble Sphere Fountain

Marble Tiered Shpere Fountain for Outdoor Decor MOKK-179

The marble sphere fountain represents the vitality of life and a symbol of cleanliness in many cultures. This exquisite flowing water sculpture may hope to convey the praise of the eternal cycle of life and the yearning for pure and beautiful things. The layered shape design may also be a metaphor for the pursuit of progressive things and continuous transcendence. In short, this elegant and generous fountain sculpture cleverly combines artistry, appreciation and metaphor. It not only adds luster to the garden environment, but also injects infinite vitality and aura into this leisure space.

Download Full Catalog to View More Marble Fountains

Download our catalog of marble ball sphere fountains for an overview of all our current products, including appearance and materials, carving techniques, installation instructions and more.

Marble Tiered Shpere Fountain

Marble Fountain Applications

Marble fountains are stunning features often used to decorate public spaces, private courtyards, parks and landscape designs. No matter where it is used, marble layered fountains can add vividness and artistic atmosphere through special effects such as water flow and music, bringing people a pleasant visual and auditory experience.

  • Public Squares and Urban Landscape Design
  • Commercial Buildings and Office Towers
  • Amusement Parks and Theme Parks
  • Monuments and Memorials
  • Public Art Installations
  • Hotels and Resorts

Why Choose YouFine?

YouFine has 40 years of rich experience, we specialize in designing and manufacturing a variety of marble fountains. As an industry leader, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, uniquely designed products.

  • Grade-A Marble Material: Marble has a naturally beautiful appearance and strong and durable properties, making the sculptural fountain not only beautiful but also able to withstand the test of time.
  • Experienced Carving Artists: YouFine’s artists each have an average of 20 years of sculpture experience and can perfectly present every detail of the sculpture.
  • Factory Direct Sale: YouFine is a supplier rather than a dealer, and we are able to provide the most competitive factory prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions? We are happy to answer all your queries.

YouFine typically utilize high-quality natural marble, both locally and imported, which allows for a variety of choices in color and vein patterns. We prioritize the use of superior-grade marble to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal in each marble fountain.

We offer a variety of marble types, each with unique colors and veining. Our experts can guide you in selecting the perfect marble that complements your landscape and meets your regional climate conditions.

Regular maintenance includes cleaning the fountain with a mild soap solution to remove dirt and algae, and checking the water level frequently to ensure the pump is submerged and functioning correctly.

Marble fountains are versatile and can be designed to suit a variety of outdoor settings. However, it’s important to consider the specific environmental conditions of your location to ensure longevity. We may use granite to make fountain for very cold location.

We securely crate and ship our marble fountains using experienced freight carriers to ensure they arrive safely. The shipping process includes full insurance coverage against damage during transit.

We offer extensive customization options including size, design, and marble type. Our design team works closely with you to create a fountain that perfectly fits your vision and space.

The creation of a custom marble fountain can take several weeks to months, depending on the complexity of the design. Shipping time will vary based on your location but typically ranges from a few weeks to a couple of months.

We will provide detailed installation instructions and can recommend professional installers in your area to ensure your fountain is set up properly. We could also dispatch the workers to your location to help you install the fountain if needed.

Preparing your site involves ensuring a level and stable foundation, adequate water supply, and access to electrical outlets if lighting or water pumps are involved. It’s advisable to consult with a professional to prepare your site adequately before installation.

In the unlikely event of damage, please contact us immediately. We will assess the situation and arrange for repair or replacement as necessary. Our customer service team is committed to resolving any issues promptly and satisfactorily.

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