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- - - - Custom Abstract Metal Water Feature Fabricator Since 1983

For over three decades, we’ve been the premier manufacturer of bespoke modern metal water features. Our expertise spans from conceptualization to installation, offering a seamless, all-in-one service that caters to your every need.

Experience the convenience of a one-stop solution for all your fountain customization needs. From the moment you contact us to the final installation, we are committed to providing exceptional service and exquisite craftsmanship.

Custom Design

In terms of customization options, we are committed to providing extensive and flexible choices to meet each customer’s unique needs and aesthetic preferences. Whether you’re seeking custom dimensions, specific materials, unique designs, or special features, we can fulfill your desires. By collaborating closely with our design team, you can be involved in the entire creative process, ensuring the final product perfectly aligns with your vision.

Factory Direct Sales

As a manufacturer at the source, we collaborate directly with customers, bypassing intermediaries, ensuring a price advantage for our products. Through direct sales, we not only offer competitive prices but also guarantee the controllability and reliability of product quality. From raw material procurement to production and manufacturing, and then to product packaging and transportation, each step undergoes rigorous quality management and monitoring, ensuring customers receive high-quality metal abstract water features.

Global Shipping and Installation

We deliver your beloved abstract fountain to every corner of the world, regardless of your location. We work closely with reliable logistics partners to ensure the safe delivery of products. If needed, we provide professional installation services or remote guidance for self-installation. Our goal is to make it easy for you to enjoy the beauty of the abstract fountain, no matter where you are.

Wholesale abstract metal water fountains

YouFine provides a variety of abstract metal fountains to cater to different consumer preferences and design aesthetics. Whether a customer is seeking a large central fountain for a grand outdoor space or a compact tabletop option for an intimate setting, YouFine’s catalog of abstract metal fountains has a comprehensive selection.

Absstract Threee C sculpture

Absstract Threee C water fountain sculpture

Modern City Stainless Steel Outdoor Sculpture

Modern City Stainless Steel Outdoor Fountain

Mirror Outdoor Metal Sculpture Fountain Pool Decor

Large Bronze Ocean Life Dolphin Water Fountain

Modern Stainless Steel Ring Sculpture

Modern Stainless Steel Ring Sculpture

Decorative Artistic Outdoor Metal Sculpture Fountain

Decorative Artistic Outdoor Metal Sculpture Fountain

Modern Metal Harp Fountain Sculpture

Modern Metal Harp Fountain Sculpture

Modern Metal Water Fountain Sculpture

Modern Metal Water Fountain Sculpture

Modern Metal Water Fountains Outdoor Hotel Garden Decor

Modern Metal Water Fountains Outdoor Hotel Garden Decor

Abstract metal water feature sculpture

Abstract metal water feature sculpture

Stainless Steel Circle Fountain

Stainless Steel Circle Fountain

Large Outdoor Metal Sculpture Fountain

Large Outdoor Metal Sculpture Fountain

Large Outdoor Round Sphere Water Fountain

Large Outdoor Round Sphere Water Fountain

Sourcing Modern Abstract Metal Water Feature Sculpture from YouFine

Why Choose YouFine Metal Water Fountain

Customized lighting services

At YouFine, we offer customized lighting services for stainless steel water fountains, allowing you to personalize the brightness, colors, frequency, and placement of lights. We support your vision by tailoring the lighting to your specific preferences, ensuring that your fountain stands out as a unique and captivating feature in any environment.

Custom water flow effects

At YouFine, we specialize in crafting custom abstract metal water fountains with personalized water flow effects. Our expertise allows us to tailor the water flow to your specifications, creating unique and captivating effects. Whether you desire gentle streams or dynamic cascades, we work closely with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring that your fountain becomes a stunning focal point in any space.

Trail installation and water testing

After the completion of fabrication, our team at YouFine conducts trail installations and water testing for custom abstract metal water fountains. This ensures that the stainless steel fountains operate smoothly and efficiently. We meticulously test each component to guarantee optimal performance, providing peace of mind that your fountain will function flawlessly once installed in its intended location.

installation of the stainless steel fountain
installation of the stainless steel fountain

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Why Choose YouFine?

YouFine is Asia’s leading supplier of custom sculptures and water fountains, designing and crafting exquisite artworks. YouFine has fourty years of casting and exporting experience. We have experience working with developers, artists, public spaces, shopping centers and city agencies alike.

Profesional Artists Team: YouFine Sculpture has a professional team of artists who produce metal fountains, with each artist having over 20 years of industry experience and strict quality control in every aspect;

Quality Assurance: YouFine will check the metal fountain during every process. Each casting process is completed by professional artists.We also conduct flow testing to ensure quality before shipping.

Factory Price: At YouFine,you can get factory direct price metal fountains. By eliminating middlemen and selling directly from our manufacturing facility, we can offer competitive prices without compromising on quality. Additionally, our experienced craftsmen use the finest materials and techniques to create exquisite water fountains that stand the test of time, making them a beautiful and enduring addition to any outdoor space. 

Global Shipping: YouFine support global shipping, allowing customers from around the world to enjoy our exquisite creations. Whether you’re located nearby or across continents, we ensure that your water fountain is carefully packaged and shipped to your doorstep with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our international shipping services are reliable and efficient, providing peace of mind knowing that your fountain will arrive safely and on time, no matter where you are located.


The most common grades are 304 and 316L. 316L is more corrosion resistant.

Finishes like mirror, satin, and brushed are available. Different finishes create different visual effects.

Adjustable flow control valves allow adjusting water flow to control sound. Sound dampening materials can be added.

Flexible tubing, water filtration, electric pump, drainage are typical plumbing needs. A consultation with a plumber is recommended.

Water treatments, filters, and regular cleaning help prevent buildup. Some fountains have reservoirs with self-cleaning systems.

Many fountains come with built-in lighting. LED strip lighting can be added to others if wiring access is available.

In freezing climates, fountains should be shut down and stored indoors for winter. Outdoor fountains need winterization.

304 and 316L are the most commonly used grades of stainless steel. Considering corrosion resistance, 316L is a better choice, especially if the fountain is installed in a corrosive environment such as the seaside.

Are you still looking for your dream water fountains and want to find a reliable and satisfactory fountain supplier? YouFine is your best choice!

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