Bronze animal fountains are captivating sculptures that bring charm and whimsy to any outdoor space, combining artistic craftsmanship with the playful presence of wildlife. Welcome to contact YouFine to get creative bronze animal fountains!

Landscaping Bronze Horse Statue Fountain

Landscaping Bronze Horse Statue Fountain

Outdoor Bronze Animal Band Fountain

Outdoor Bronze Animal Band Fountain

Bronze Eelphant Family Statue Fountain

Bronze Eelphant Family Statue Fountain

Bronze Heron Bird Statue Fountain

Bronze Heron Bird Statue Fountain

Factory Price Bronze Bird Fountain

Factory Price Bronze Bird Fountain

Life Size Bronze Elephant Fountain

Life Size Bronze Elephant Fountain

Antique Bronze Dragon Water Garden Fountain

Antique Bronze Dragon Water Garden Fountain

Garden Decorative Bronze Dragon Fountain

Garden Decorative Bronze Dragon Fountain

Decorative Bronze Mermaid and Dolphin Fountain for Sale

Mermaid with Jumping Dolphins

Professional Craftsmanship and Vivid Details

bronze fountain clay model

Realistic Clay Model

All bronze statues need to make one 1:1 model, it’s the necessary step. Our leading clay model artists can accurately produce a 1:1 clay model based on the reference drawings or existing sculptures provided by the customer. This ensures that the form and details required by the customer can be accurately restored during the casting process, allowing the final copper fountain to achieve the highest degree of simulation and satisfaction.

bronze fountain quality assurace

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Each element, from the meticulously cast figures to the flowing water channels, showcases the artisan’s skill and dedication to perfection. Our artists carefully cast each sculpture and part of the bronze fountain, making it an exqusistely water feature artwork.

custom patina color

Professional Patina Coloring

Our professional patina coloring technique involves expert application of chemical solutions and meticulous handcrafting to achieve desired colors and textures on bronze sculptures. Through careful control of chemical reactions and precise manual techniques, we create unique and durable finishes that enhance the aesthetic appeal and longevity of each artwork.

Quality Assurance
high quality material

High Quality Bronze as Raw Material

YouFine’s bronze fountain is made of high-quality copper and has a longer service life. In addition, it is more resistant to corrosion and weathering, and can resist the influence of various environmental factors.

silica sol technology

Improved Silica Sol Technology

We use improved silica sol technology in the production process of bronze fountain, which ensures that our copper fountain will not produce white spots in long-term outdoor environments.

bronze fountain quality assurace

Strict Quality Control

In addition, we have strict quality control. Whether it is casting details or flow effects, we guarantee perfection for bronze fountain.

various size application

Bronze Fountain Applications

Bronze fountains find diverse applications in various settings due to their enduring elegance and versatility. From public parks to private gardens, they are able to embellish landscapes with timeless charm and aesthetic appeal.

  • Residential Landscapes (Backyards, Gardens,Villa)
  • Urban Areas (Public Squares, Plazas)
  • Natural Settings (Parks, Gardens)
  • Commercial Spaces (Hotels, Resorts)
  • Corporate Settings (Office Buildings, Business Centers)
Bronze Fountain Custom Options for Your Unique Landscape

YouFine team provide customized solutions to create a truly unique and personalized bronze animal fountain that enhances the beauty and ambiance of customers’ landscape.

fountain size customization

Size Customization

YouFine offers size customization for the bronze animal fountain to fit your specific space requirements, whether you need a grand centerpiece for a large garden or a smaller feature for a cozy courtyard.

custom design

Design Customization

Our company offers design customization services, welcoming both your own designs and preferred concepts to collaborate with us. With decades of experience in custom commissions, YouFine factory can turn any concept or idea you have into bronze art.

water flow customization

water flow customization

YouFine also offers customization options including adjusting the flow rate and incorporating additional water jets or sprouts.

Request an Instant Quote for Your Bronze Animal Fountain Projects Today. Get an instant quote or let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll get back to you soon!

Why Choose YouFine?

YouFine is Asia’s leading supplier of bronze sculptures and bronze fountains, designing and crafting exquisite arttwokes. YouFine has forty years of casting and exporting experience. We have experience working with developers, artists, public spaces, shopping centers and city agencies alike.

Profesional Artists Team: YouFine bronze foundry has a professional team of artists who produce bronze fountains, with each artist having over 20 years of industry experience and strict quality control in every aspect;

Quality Assurance: YouFine will check the bronze fountain during every process. Each casting process is completed by professional artists.We also conduct flow testing to ensure quality before shipping.

Factory Price: At YouFine,you can get factory direct price outdoor bronze fountain. By eliminating middlemen and selling directly from our manufacturing facility, we can offer competitive prices without compromising on quality. Additionally, our experienced craftsmen use the finest materials and techniques to create exquisite bronze fountains that stand the test of time, making them a beautiful and enduring addition to any outdoor space. 

Global Shipping: YouFine bronze fountains support global shipping, allowing customers from around the world to enjoy our exquisite creations. Whether you’re located nearby or across continents, we ensure that your bronze fountain is carefully packaged and shipped to your doorstep with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our international shipping services are reliable and efficient, providing peace of mind knowing that your fountain will arrive safely and on time, no matter where you are located.


Yes, YouFine offers customization options for design, size, and color to meet your specific requirements.YouFine offers customization options

Our bronze fountains are meticulously cast using high-content bronze and brass, ensuring durability and timeless beauty.

We will offer detailed instructions and can recommend local professionals. We could also dispatch workers to your location to help installation.

Absolutely! We offer a range of patina color options to customize the appearance of your fountain, including traditional bronze hues and unique verdigris tones.

It would take 60-70 days in total including 20-25 days to your countries, 20-25 days to your city, and extra few days to your home.

Yes, we offer a warranty on all our bronze fountains. Please contact us for specific warranty details.

We provide comprehensive care instructions to help you maintain the beauty and functionality of your bronze fountain.

To place an order, you can contact us through our website, provide your design specifications, and we will guide you through the customization and payment process.

Are you still looking for your dream bronze fountain and want to find a reliable and satisfactory bronze fountain factory supplier? YouFine is your best choice!

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