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Professional and Expert Outdoor Fountain Supplier

Our team of skilled artisans brings centuries of collective experience to each fountain. From intricate marble fountains that serve as the centerpiece of garden estates to robust bronze figures that stand as landmarks in public parks, our creations are made to withstand the test of time and elements. Our stainless steel sculptures offer a modern twist, reflecting the contemporary aesthetic with their sleek lines and enduring strength.

YOU FINE ART SCULPTURE is a 40 years’ leading fine art sculpture exporter and factory and manufacturer based in “The Sculpture Hometown of China”–Quyang, Hebei Province, China.

YOU FINE ART SCULPTURE keeps focusing on Art Sculptures and Indoor & Exterior Decorative Sculptures, which mainly include 4 categories: Stone Marble Sculpture, Bronze Sculpture, Stainless Steel Sculpture, Corten Sculptures.

Dora, as the director of YouFine Sculpture, has been engaged in the sculpture area 15 years. She has always loved art and sketching, but did not discover his love and talent to create with clay until one night, she worked hard to make sure every art sculpture will be the best and in good quality. She has rich knowledgs in creating and exporting sculptures to all over the world.

Director Dora


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One-Stop Sculpture Services

1983 - 2024

Carving Sculpture History

YouFine Sculpture has a rich history rooted in the art of hand-carved marble, beginning with the founder's generation. This commitment to craftsmanship has been a core element of the company from its inception. This dedication not only preserved the essence of traditional sculpture but also embraced innovation in techniques and materials.

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Free Custom Design

Provide free custom design and finish based on your specific needs.

Quality Material

Use high quality material marble, bronze and metals to make the fountain.

Factory Direct

Factory direct sales with the best wholesale price.

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