Top 5 marble fountain suppliers in the united states

Marble fountains are highly prized for their beauty, durability, and elegance. They come in various designs, ranging from simple tiered basins to elaborate sculptural pieces featuring intricate carvings of figures, animals, and architectural elements.

Marble fountains not only create a beautiful atmosphere, but also have emotional and mental healing benefits. The sound of water is universally soothing and calming. Nowadays more and more villa and hotel put a large marble fountain in the yard, which make the place more beautiful and suitable.

outdoor marble fountain

Source: Popular marble horse water fountain

Based on the search results on google and Customs datas, we find the Top 5 marble fountain suppliers in united states. These suppliers are known for their expertise in crafting high-quality marble fountains, offering a wide selection of designs, sizes, and customization options to suit different preferences and budgets.

1. YouFine Art Sculpture

You Fine sculpture logo
  • Leading marble fountain manufacturer
  • Located in Quyang, Hebei Province, China, established in 1983
  • Specializes in marble fountain, marlbe statue, bronze sculpture, bronze animals, and metal sculptures.
  • Advantages: Exceptional design capabilities, customization expertise, rigorous quality inspection, streamlined team structure
  • Contact: Email at or call +8613938480725
  • Website:

2. MilyStatue

Milystatue logo
  • Located in Quyang County, Hebei Province, China, established in 2002
  • Specializes in marble sculptures, marble fountain, custom bronze sculptures, bronze animal statues, and garden sculptures
  • Advantages: Experienced artists, customization capabilities, global shipping, competitive pricing
  • Key features: Can work with clients to create unique designs based on their ideas and specifications. Provides one-stop-shop services from design to shipping.
  • Contact: Email at or call +8615603217801
  • Website:

3. Finesgallery

  • Located in Fort Myers, Florida, USA
  • Specializes in Marble fountains, statues, and decorative pieces for both residential and commercial clients
  • Advantages: Extensive collection, high-quality craftsmanship, customer-oriented service
  • Key features: Provides a wide range of unique and elegant designs. Offers professional assistance to help clients choose the perfect pieces for their needs. Sculpture Mainly imported from China.
  • Website:

4. From Europe To You

  • Located in Central Florida, USA
  • Specializes in Importing high-quality marble fountains and sculptures.
  • Advantages: Unique designs, superior quality, dedicated customer service
  • Key features: Focuses on distinctive pieces that enhance any space. Ensures each product meets high standards of craftsmanship.
  • Website:

5. Relong Art Sculpture

  • Located in Quyang County, Hebei Province, China
  • Specializes in Marble fountains, sculptures, and custom art pieces
  • Advantages: High-grade materials, skilled artists, customization options, and international shipping
  • Key features: Works closely with clients to bring their visions to life. Provides comprehensive services from initial design to final delivery.
  • Website:

How to identify the reliability of suppliers?

Nothing is more reliable than firsthand experience. Therefore, you can leave a message on its website or send an email to initiate an inquiry, and judge its professionalism and reliability through a series of exchanges with its staff. For example, when the salesperson responds to your inquiry, you can continue to ask questions about the price, size, and shipping of the product. If you can feel that the salesperson is very knowledgeable about the product and can patiently answer all your little questions, then the supplier’s trustworthiness will be greatly enhanced.

On the other hand, if you strongly disagree with the offer, and the salesperson lowers the price too much to keep you, for example, you need to stay awake when they drop the price to 15% less than the lowest price in the industry. Such drastic price cuts are not the practice of a reliable supplier. Moreover, the quality of the sculpture cannot be guaranteed under a substantial price reduction.

large marble trevi fountain3

Source: Marble trevi fountain replica

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